Teachers Not Targets  is committed to increasing the survival rate of teachers, students, and staff members in an active threat on campus.  We provide a full spectrum of services which include school risk assesments, individual classroom protection plans, ongoing self-defense training,  continuing trauma treatment training, and pre- and post- event protocol development.

Because we are comprised of both defense professionals and educators, Teachers Not Targets  offers the best choices for classroom protection. We evaluate from the law enforcement perspective (from the outside in) and the educational angle (from the inside out).

​Teachers Not Targets 

Our Mission

America's most precious commodity is her children.  Across the USA,  the great minds of the future sit in classrooms today,  guided in their passions for learning by another precious commodity: school teachers.  Every time teachers and students are lost  to school shootings and campus violence, we lose irreplaceble mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, and we also lose those who potentially would have found the cures to diseases like cancer and AIDS, those who would have been community leaders, those who would have corrected social injustices, and those who would have written or created artistic masterpieces.  Pieces of our culture die with the victims.  

For this reason, Teachers Not Targets , came into existence. Our mission is to offer support to the schools we service by taking preventative measures, offering safeguards, and making sure teachers have the best protections and training in place to increase survivabilty. 

Our Philosophy

In an active shooter situation, the "first" responders are truly the teachers.  They have to lock the school down,  decide whether the class should flee or hide, and in some terrible scenarios, they have to administer first aid.  The cookie cutter approach to protecting all classrooms the same way is problematic because once you've seen one classroom, you have truly only seen one classrooom. Each classroom has its own security challenges and if they are never independently addressed, we leave the people in that room in jeopardy should a catastrophic incident occur. 

We know from the tragedies of the past that when a teacher dies in a school shooting, it  is highly likely that his or her students will also perish. With this in mind, Teachers Not Targets  stands firm in the belief that a comprehensive plan must include ongoing tactical training as well as an evaluation of the overall school security, individual classroom safety plans,  repeated trauma training, and pre- and post- incident protocols.

Teachers Not Targets  understands that in an emergency, educators are concerned with keeping students safe from harm, law enforcement is concerned with eliminating the threat,  EMTs are concerned with tending to the injuries sustained, and firefighters are concerned with reaching the students and dealing with secondary threats like explosives. We recognize that the most effective approach must address the needs of all parties. We are commited to working with all entities to come up with a seamless and detailed plan for school security.

Why Hire a Safety Consultant?

Every other function of a school hinges on school safety.  True learning is hindered when students and teachers have concerns for their security. While emergency responders play a critical role in working with school administrators to prepare emergency plans, neither they nor county and school administrators can focus 100% on school safety.  Safety consultants spend much of their time studying the most-up-to-date research on school shootings, analyzing new school safety products, and training in multiple areas (safety plan effectiveness, visitor screening procedures, how to employ successful lockdown drills, analyzing data from school shootings, etc.).
In fact, the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) wrote in their 2019 guidelines that school districts should have an independent security assessment conducted by a trained third party.